Ahad, November 06, 2011


Assalamualaikum ^^,

is that your reactions to those who you make the mistakes??
EGO. i try to be not too egoist infront of you. what I do?? I try to says something. opss!! sorry its the words actually, "hey!!..." and...what else???. I forgot. yes! FORGOT. I don't want to remember anything bout you anymore. why?? i am too upset of you.

my question is. my you are too ARROGANT on that day?? yeahh!! maybe you want me to say hi first. even though you saw me first right?? thanks God for not seeing you as the first person on that day. fuhh!!

i don't know what you have says bout me to others. but what i know is. i am pity with those people because listening with all of your story or maybe a STORY LINE?. oh yesss!! like in the movie right?? yes!! you are the one create this problem. CONGRATULATIONS for being the PERFECT script writer!! maybe the next award you will get it??

 if you are not make any mistakes to me. WHY don't ever talk to me?? IN FRONT. are you SCARY????WHY?? when I trying to talk to you. you are running?? huh! don't ever try to said that you are looking for the bla bla bla bla.... to be frank its hard for me to believe that I was greet you first. because it is totally NONSENSE!!!  

one more thing you are also such a good ACTRESS!! why? of course yes. in visual you are acting like there is nothing happen. BUT, in REAL??? you know what? I AM REALLY PITY WITH YOU. the way you trait me?? huh!! i am never take a part on that. yes!! for what i need to think, if it was your real CHARACTER???!!

nothing related to those who were my FRIENDS. because FRIENDS never trait FRIENDS as above situation.

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